Monument Park


Whether you need a small starter unit or something bigger for an established business you’ll find it here on Monument Park. Our friendly on-site team will help you find the right place and settle you in quickly too. 

By keeping everything simple and flexible you can rest assured your business has found a good home!

Monumnent park chalgrove

“Moving to Monument Park has been a game changer for my business. There are brilliant facilities for my team and the host of networking and social events on offer help create a thriving business community.” 

Monument Park Amenities & Services

  • Picnic Hamper Café

    Delicious hot and cold food and a selection of teas and coffees are all served up by Debbie’s welcoming team at our on-site café and business lounge.

  • Storage


    From a few boxes to a full container load, Barretts Storage has a safe and secure space for all your on-site storage needs.

  • Stationery


    A bulk order of copier paper or just a box of envelopes? Joining our Stationery Scheme offers you great discounts, quick delivery and helps keep your carbon footprint lower too!

  • Recycling


    Everyone likes to help the environment, so our Recycling Scheme helps you help the planet – at work as well as at home. Local charity Aspire offers a regular collection of paper, cardboard and glass.

  • Time savers

    Time savers

    No need to spend your lunch hour doing chores! A dry cleaning service, car valeting, photocopying and lots of essentials are all offered on your doorstep at Hampden House.

  • Business support

    Supporting you and your business means a lot to us. Getting to know you and having an understanding of your business is really important too. If you feel you’d like more structured support, we offer free business mentoring through Jennings Business Mentors

Where we are

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Monument Park Site map & Tenants

On site there are a wide variety of business and starter units ranging from 300sqft up to 4000sqft and costing from as little as £400 per month.

To help keep it all simple, we’ve designed short & flexible leases (only 4 pages long!) meaning you’re not tied in to lengthy or onerous contracts. As we own and manage the site, it’s in our interest to make sure the Park looks good, works well and is a pleasant place for you to run your business. 

To view the full list of tenants simply scroll down the list to the right of the map.

1a Occupied
1b Technical Design Solutions
1c Barbela Designs
1d David Bostock Photography
1e Humidity and Heating Solutions Ltd
2 Fussy Nation
3 White Rabbit Pizza Company
4 Pikehaven Ltd
5 Smith Whitty International Consultants Ltd
6 John Hill Foods Ltd
7 Ashgate Automation Ltd
8 Ashgate Automation Ltd
8a Brancato Engineering
9 Greens Catering
10 Greens Catering
11 Seip UK Ltd
12 Lick Me I'm Delicious
13 HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
14 HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
15 HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
16 HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
17 Image Science Ltd
18 Excel Packaging Machinery Ltd
19 12 Volt Planet
20 White Rabbit Pizza Company
21a White Rabbit Pizza Company
21b Aerospace Support International
22a 12 Volt Planet
22b Vorticity Ltd
23a Harvey Batten (Building Services) Ltd
23b Solo Supplies Ltd
24a Ashgate Automation Ltd
24b Crimson-Blue Upholstery
25/26 Active Paws Fitness
27 Occupied
28 Pia
29 Museum Selection Ltd
30 Ardington Ltd
31/32 HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
33 Supreme Suasages Ltd
34a Contrax Furniture Ltd
34b Contrax Furniture Ltd
35a E3D Online
35b HCL Global Supply/Ben's Cookies
36 The Oxford Nursery Ltd
Picnic Hamper The Picnic Hamper Ltd
37a Occupied
37b1 FMA Systems Ltd
37b2 FMA Systems Ltd
37d The Buck Project Ltd
37f Oxford Company Management Ltd
37g V & M Traveller Ltd
37h Occupied
37i Monument Pools
42 Cap Coder Ltd
43 Renelec Chalgrove Ltd
44 Rigaku Americas Corporation
45 Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd
46 The Revival Group
47 The Revival Group
50 Barretts Self-Storage Centre
53 Allport and Vincent Dental Lab. Ltd
54 Classic Builders (Watlington) Ltd
55 Vacant - Call Sarah on 01865 893304
56 Drain Technology
57 Curvature Group Ltd
58 The Training Rooms
59 Vacant- Call Sarah on 01865 893304
Greenacres 1 T R S Cooling Services Ltd
Greenacres 2 ISIS Audio Visuals Ltd
Greenacres 3 ISIS Audio Visuals Ltd
Greenacres 4 Thistle Thermal Profiling Ltd
Greenacres 5 Jennings
Greenacres 6 Chic It Up
Greenacres 7 Knapp UK Ltd
Greenacres 8 Hutano Associates
Greenacres 9 Dragon AV Ltd
Greenacres 10 ICD Ltd
Greenacres 11 Studio Bambino
Greenacres 12 Mia Sarosi Ceramics


The old saying “A tidy house is a tidy mind” is very true here. 

Keeping the Park neat and tidy is really important to us and helps you work in a good, clean, well-maintained environment.  It’s good for your visitors too. 

Our on-site Maintenance Team do everything from small repairs to major refurbs to make sure everything is in good working order.